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Happy Sitters General Policy

Happy Sitters prides itself on providing quality service to our valued customers.


Happy Sitters provides babysitting services to families across the GTA with an emphasis on discovery and learning. All programs are created by recreation professionals and teachers with accessibility and safety in mind.


Our services aim to provide great care with exceptional special event activities. While we take any program and/or sitter preference into consideration when processing a booking, we cannot guarantee the availability of any specific programs or sitters at any given time.



Our business relies on the trust we have in our staff and the trust we gain from our clients by offering quality services. 


All employees of Happy Sitters are hired based on their experience and their strong interest in childcare. They are all selected for their attention to detail and the ability to engage with young children with compassion and fun. 


Upon hiring, all staff members are required to have a valid Vulnerable Sector Screening which they are asked to renew each year. They must also be certified in CPR/First Aid and their certification must remain valid throughout their time with Happy Sitters.


Our programs each consist of a range of activities designed to be engaging and educational. For more information on available Happy Sitters programs, please visit our website or contact us.


Our Happy Sitters bring a small kit with the most important supplies to run their feature programs. However, they will sometimes require access to basic supplies from the location of service, depending on the program. Our Happy Sitters all follow common sense procedures to leave the location of service just as they found it upon arrival.


Happy Sitters denies any responsibility for missing or broken items.



The safety of your children is our number one priority. All Happy Sitters have a First Aid/CPR certification, a Vulnerable Sector Screening and are trained to take all precautions imaginable while caring for your most important asset. When first contacting us, please promptly indicate any safety concerns you may have in regard to your child(ren) and the expected Happy Sitters programs you are booking. Programs offered through our services are all designed with safety in mind.



• The hourly Happy Sitters rate is based on the amount of children in our care and the amount of sitters deemed reasonable for appropriate adult/children ratio. Upon booking, a $20 administration fee is charged +HST. 

• At the time of making a booking, a customer is charged a portion (usually between 20% and 50%) of the total cost based on the amount of time the Happy Sitter spends at the booking location.

• Any discount or special pricing is only valid if it is communicated prior to the booking confirmation.

Any last-minute booking (less than 24-hour notice) incurs an additional $20 cost +HST.

The total time for a Happy Sitters visit is always flexible. If parents or guardians choose to return home later than the expected time, it will be reflected on the final booking balance. Each additional 15 minutes is charged at the rate of one quarter of the hourly rate. Each additional 15 minutes is charged after the first minute of the 15-minute increment. For example, if parents are expected for pick-up at 11 PM but arrive at 11:21 PM, they are charged for an extra 30 minutes of service.



While our Happy Sitters’ pay is based on their experience, any tipping is greatly appreciated. Please hand your tip directly to the Happy Sitter separately from your booking cost.


Note that we will give an extra $5 to our Happy Sitters for all reviews or feedback on our social media that includes our name, the sitter’s first name (first name only) and the program your Happy Sitter ran with your children.


Any cancellation is free of charge until two weeks prior to the booking. 

After that time, Happy Sitters reserves the right to charge 50% of the booking deposit (the deposit itself being 20% of the total cost) until 2 days prior to the booking date.


Within 48 hours prior to the booking, Happy Sitters will not issue any refunds to compensate reserved sitters for their scheduled time. ​



On all statutory holidays and all days prior to statutory holidays, our service costs an additional $20 per hour with a $30 administration fee. We cannot accommodate last-minute bookings for those days.

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